Rodgers Brothers Inc.

The founders of Rodgers Brothers believe that financial success for investors is best achieved through careful selection of investments tailored to the investment objectives of the investor.

A thorough understanding of the individual client’s financial goals, consideration of risk tolerance and an understanding of the client’s tax situation should drive the selection of investment vehicles. These beliefs led to the creation of Rodgers Brothers Inc., a full-service investment firm whose focus on service to clients has remained clear through the history of the firm.

Rodgers Brothers Inc. is located in Harmony, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1985, with the goal of enhancing and preserving investor capital through judicious investment policy. The company offers its clients personalized financial management so as to increase asset value while preserving capital and focusing on client service.

The risk adverse “value style” of investing of Rodgers Brothers Inc. is suitable to those clients who prefer to invest rather than speculate. The firm specializes in developing investment portfolios comprised of individual equities, options and bonds. Each client or institutional portfolio is customized to meet predetermined risk/reward profiles.


  • Development of an individualized client profile
  • Security analysis and recommendations
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio balancing and management
  • Online account and activity review available
  • Personalized attention and responsiveness
  • Problem solution for investors
  • Advanced trading systems and settlement services
  • Tax efficient investing
  • Estate valuations