Management Process

Monongahela Capital utilizes a three phase process to manage assets. The management process of Monongahela Capital involves planning, to determine a client’s investment situation; implementation, with the construction of an individualized investment portfolio; and control, with systematic market monitoring and portfolio adjustments.

Monongahela Capital Management is the investment advisory division of Rodgers Brothers Inc., registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


An investment plan is developed after listening to the client in order to assess their financial situation, including their level of income, net worth and tax status, the financial needs of their family or company, their investment experience and disposition towards risk.


With a thorough understanding of the client, a portfolio is constructed with an appropriate asset mix which will meet the financial objectives of the client. The portfolio is built utilizing fundamental and technical research that determines specific investments, the establishment of target ranges for expected price movement and timing, and timely and cost efficient trading.


The market and the portfolio are continuously monitored to reach the targeted goals. The portfolio is adjusted to maintain asset mix and diversification. Performance measurements are used to ensure compliance with established benchmarks and client objectives. Through contact with the clients, Monongahela Capital Management re-assesses clients’ investment needs throughout the stages of their lives, and adjusts the portfolios accordingly.